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The Mission

My goal is to give divers around the world a way to find destinations, near and far, so that we can all enjoy what we like best: exploring the underwater world. Whether you travel to dive or operate a center, Dive Site Overwatch will improve your day of diving.

The Author

My name is Zalán Meggyesi (NAUI #BRAC6EC), and this is why I created this app.

In 2019, when I was doing my NAUI Master Scuba Diver in Okinawa, the rainy season came just a little earlier than expected. By the end of the week I spent there, the island was being battered by winds and rain. To the point that we had to go through a lot of trouble selecting our last two dive sites with my instructor after being texted that our preferred one was just closed down when we were five minutes out. Which got me thinking: aside from shared Facebook groups, is there any other way instructors and divemasters share info to select sites? And it turns out, there isn’t, really.

Every catalog of dive sites on the internet is either restricted to a given area while offering up-to-date information, or has sites from across the globe, but only general descriptions of the sites (if that).

So I decided to make an app that combines the best of both worlds: lets divers report conditions at the site for others to see, and is not restricted to a single region, but accepts submissions from all over the world. And now I’m putting it out there, for all to use.